A card from Stacey

Today I received a ‘Thank You’ card, as well as an Engagement Card from my good friend Stacey. The Thank You card was just a note to tell me how “grateful” she is to have me as a friend, and how excited she is for me to shoot her upcoming wedding. The Engagement card was to congratulate me on my recent engagement.

Stacey & I met on our very first day of Junior High and have been close ever since.. as such, she is not only one of my oldest friends, but also one of my very dearest. She has been there for me through times of happiness and sorrow, ups and downs, craziness and calm.. But her commitment and loyalty to be has never wavered.

Stacey is also fairly recently engaged (though, she beat me by a few months!) and when it happened, it was only natural that I offered to shoot not only her wedding, but also engagement. We did the engagement shoot shortly there after… and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for August 2010 for her wedding! It’s a privilege and an honor to play such an important role for someone as wonderful and dear to me as Stacey. So today, I wanted to share some images from her Engagement shoot– shot a couple months ago in Vancouver, Canada (my wonderful hometown!)


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