a beautiful day in san francisco

It’s almost December, yet the sun is still shining warmly in San Francisco! It was nearly 70 gorgeous degrees today and Justin & I decided to get out and enjoy the weather a bit… So, we drove over to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Initially the intention was to walk across it (something I still have not done), however once on the bridge Justin discovered that, low-and-behold, his fear of heights is much more debilitating that once thought. We got about 1/5th of the distance across, before having to turn (rather hurriedly!) back to the safety of firm ground. Poor Justin! It all worked out though. Instead of crossing it, we spent some time just exploring the view-point of the bridge. Which turned out to be just as stunning without the gut-wrenching treachery.

I really am so lucky to be able to live in this gorgeous city!


Much to my discomfort and objections, Justin made me get infront of the camera.


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