my darling

In just a couple days, Justin & I will be headed off to New Jersey for the holidays. I am so excited to spend Christmas with his big family! I’ll be meeting many of them for the first time. It will be a bit of a shock coming from mild San Francisco to the winter-wonderland that is the East Coast, but I’m sure we’ll survive just fine. I can’t wait! The food, the laughter, the giving, the togetherness… Awesome.

I wanted to share my favorite photos of Justin–Just an assortment of photos that I have taken of him over the last few years. He truly is the most fantastic man I have ever met, and I’m always proud to show him off a little 🙂


Oh- and I just have to share this photo as well— Justin is a triplet. His 2 (fraternal) brothers live in Miami & New York City. We will of course, be seeing them in New Jersey. The three of them only see each other once or twice a year these days… Yet another reason why the holidays are just so important to us.

From left to right- Chris, Jeremy & Justin


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