Franck & Emily


Emily and I met about 6 months ago and bonded over our mutual new-ness to San Francisco. She’s from Tennessee, and her Fiancé Franck is from Luxembourg. I have never in my life ever met someone from Luxembourg! In fact, prior to meeting Franck, you probably could have convinced me that Luxembourg didn’t even truly exist, and was simply the stuff of myths and legends– like Unicorns and Leprechauns. Franck proved that Luxembourg is not only very much a real country, but it’s citizens are warm, kind and incredibly friendly.

Franck is a fantastic guy, and the two together are one of the sweetest, most adorable and in-love couples that I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. And the best part? They are brand-newly engaged! Franck popped the question less than a week ago! We had initially planned this shoot simply as a ‘Couples’ shoot, but when Emily let me know that he had proposed, I was happy to change it over to an ‘Engagement Shoot’. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.

More images can be seen on my Website- Here.


One thought on “Franck & Emily

  1. ………You sure as hell better be living back in Canada by the time (ahem…a long long time from now) I get engaged because it’s gonna out us a lot of money to fly to San Fran just for this, but by golly it would be worth it. You impress me more and more lady 🙂

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