Angel & Mitya

I am always fascinated by the Wedding Traditions of different cultures. So when my darling friend Angel asked me to shoot her Traditional Thai Buddhist Ceremony I was thrilled!

It was my first Thai ceremony and I was blown away by the colours and beauty. So much fun! Angel looked absolutely gorgeous in her simple, traditional wedding dress, brought back from Thailand especially for the big day. Guests were invited to sit comfortably on the floor while a group of 5/6 monks recited & chanted prayers and well wishes. The entire ceremony took close to an hour (nothing like our quick, 15 minute Western Ceremonies!).

After the Ceremony their guests met at a fantastic Thai restaurant for drinks and one of the most incredible Thai meals I have ever seen, smelled & tasted! This couple is so vivacious, fun and full of life and I had such a blast shooting their big day.






6 thoughts on “Angel & Mitya

  1. I just found this post through the posts tags. I wish you were in Thailand to photograph my wedding! These pictures are amazing! If you are going to be in Thailand in August next year, let me know!! 🙂

      1. 5 weeks is such a good length of time! Where are you planning to travel?

        We’re getting married in my husband’s home town, in the province Phichit. It’s a very rural, and typical Thai village area.

        We never planned on having a ceremony, but his family really want us to have one, so it will be very traditional. We are excited for it now, even though it wasn’t something we had ever considered before.

      2. That’s wonderful! I am sure that his parents really appreciate you guys accommodating their wishes. Angel’s ceremony was lovely (long! but lovely) and I know it meant the world to her parents that she and Mitya (who is Russian!) did it.

        My boyfriend and I don’t really have a solid plan as to where exactly we’ll be going. We’d like to spend a week or so around Chiang Mai and at least a few weeks down in the south islands… But aside from that, we have no real plan! We’ll see where adventure takes us!

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