Erica, Emely & the bump

I had such a blast shooting Erica today! This was my very first Maternity Shoot and it left me asking myself “Why didn’t I start doing this ages ago?” I had such a great time! Erica looked positively radiant and was so wonderful to work with. She was very eager to please and let me lay her all over the ground with never a peep of complaint. Thanks Erica and I am sorry for any grass stains!

Her little girl Emely was such a fun addition to the shoot– she really seemed to love the camera and was hamming it up for all of us. What a pair! Best of luck to Erica in the coming week(s) as her due date approaches and her new wee-one enters the world. Who knows, maybe an newborn portrait session will need to be in order? 😉


5 thoughts on “Erica, Emely & the bump

  1. The eyes one is my favorite- she is absolutely radiant! Great shoot! I knew this would totally be up your alley- you’re phenomenal, Tammy!

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