Jennifer & Jaime

Jennifer and Jaime contacted me initially about doing a newborn portrait session. Once I found out that she was still pregnant, I managed to convince her to do a Maternity shoot as well. Ironically, this lovely little family lives less than 5 blocks from me so getting to their beautiful home could not have been easier!

Initially we had planned to do the shoot at a neighbourhood park, but once I saw just how fabulous their home was/is– we quickly decided that we wouldn’t need to leave the home at all! It was so fabulous to get to shoot a couple in their own home, where they feel the most comfortable and the most themselves. The light was perfect and I almost fell over when I saw their incredible, very ‘San Francisco’ bay window seat!

Jennifer is due in just a few short weeks and we already have plans for a Newborn session once their wee one arrives. Keep your eyes peeled for that. I can’t wait! They are such a delightful couple, and ‘Biscuit’ the cat is going to make a fabulous big sister! Thanks a lot guys. I can’t wait to meet the new addition.

Until then, enjoy these few images!





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