saying goodbye to a good friend

On July 21st, 2010.. I said goodbye to a very dear friend.

After a year and a half of witnessing him struggle with his battle with heart disease, my husband and I made the heart breaking decision to have my darling Ben put to sleep. I always had dogs growing up, but Ben was “my” first dog and first love. I adopted him when I was fresh out of highschool and he & I went on to have many adventures together across several countries and a couple of continents. He was a sweet natured, caring, gentle and wise soul whose only desire in life was to give love and receive love tenderly in return. He is missed desperately. May he rest in peace and may we, one day, be reunited.

Sleep well, Big Ben. Things will not be the same without you.


One thought on “saying goodbye to a good friend

  1. This is an amazing photo and a wonderful testament to your love and devotion to your friend Ben..I believe that “all dogs go to Heaven” and Ben has met my precious childhood dog Chips..Maybe they are running and playing together and will greet us there..

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