Stacey and Cale

Stacey & Cale. August 08/2010.

The Prestige Resort, Salmon Arm British Columbia Canada

Imagine your bestfriend in highschool. You meet on the first day of the 8th grade, and form an immediate friendship that goes on to last years, a decade, and longer. You have dozens of mutual friends, thousands of amazing fond memories, and endless hopes for the future. Now, imagine that that precious, cherished friend is getting married. And you are trusted with the task of photographing the big event. It is an honor, a privilege and SO MUCH FUN.

Stacey & Cale tied the knot in a large (yet, amazingly intimate feeling) wedding on a sunny afternoon in ‘Salmon Arm, British Columbia’. Their 250 guests nearly filled the entire resort, so for days following the big day it felt almost like summer camp. With countless familiar faces all dining together, relaxing together, laughing together and anticipating the Wedding Day.

Their day was full of personalized touches– Yellow & Orange were the colours (the Groom & Brides favorite colours, respectively), tables named after their favorite movies and ‘movie trivia’ in order to have your table called for dinner. It was a great day, and a very special shoot for me. It’s not every day that one of your very favorite people on the entire planet gets married, after all!

Thank you Stacey & Cale for letting me share in such intimate and special moments with you guys (I still tear up thinking about how Cale cried when he first saw Stacey in her dress… and I truly feel blessed that I was the only one in the room with them to see it happen) and thank you for trusting me to capture your big day with style and pizazz. I love you guys so much!





3 thoughts on “Stacey and Cale

  1. WOW Tamara. Just plain big ass WOW. Maybe its because you know them and there’s an extra comfort degree, but these are by far the most amazing wedding shots I have seen from you yet. These are PHENOMENAL. Your work is always amazing but these are just…LOVE ❤ 🙂

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