Tamara Lakeman Photography has MOVED!

Well everyone!

It has been a very eventful, crazy few days. Last friday, my husband & I packed up a UHaul truck and headed north- to Vancouver, Canada! As many of you know, I am Canadian born & raised, so this was very much a ‘homecoming’ for me. As Canadian as I am though, I was VERY sad to be leaving the Bay Area. I love(d) our lives there immensely, but some great opportunities arose for us in Vancouver and we decided to make the change.

It took 20 hours of driving, but we finally arrived safely in Vancouver! The next few weeks/months will be busy with us settling into our new life, however I will absolutely be looking to build new photography client base up here in the Great White North. I already have a few leads and I am excited about meeting some new faces. I can only hope that my new Canadian clients will be as fabulous, kind & faithful as my California clients were/are!

If you are a California Client- please do stay in touch! I will definitely return to your area a few times a year and will happily accept bookings during those visits. Presently I am working out the details for a Summer visit, and a November/December visit to do Holiday Portrait Sessions. Stay tuned for the details of those visits by checked back here!

If you are a new Vancouver Client, please do not hesitate to say hello!


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