Patrick & Emily

One of my favorite things about photography is that it allows me to travel to places that I might not have ever otherwise gone. Patrick & Emily’s wedding was one such event… I did not know what to expect when my plane touched down in Northwest Arkansas. It was my first time in this corner of the USA, and I was excited for what was to come. The wedding was ‘Backyard Wedding’ perfection. I have a hard time describing just how amazing this wedding was. Held on her parents acreage just outside of Fayetteville, Emily’s entire family (and many family friends!) lent their time, skills & hands to create this magical event.. Whether they were building benches for the ceremony, frequenting 2nd hand shops to collect the vintage/antique china plates that were used for the dinner, stringing lights, making the DOZENS of adorable pieces of hand-made pottery that were given as favors, or doing the landscaping to get the land physically ready to host the big event; you could tell that this wedding was absolutely a labor of love for everyone involve. All those personalized touches paid off &Ā  truly made it something special. I heard many, many people exclaim that this was easily the most beautiful wedding that had ever been to.

I could go on & on about how perfect the day was, and how BEAUTIFUL the bride looked, and how in-love the couple was, and how great the food & music was, and how charming and wonderful Arkansas turned out to be… But, well.. I’ll just let the photos do the talking šŸ˜‰ Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Patrick & Emily

  1. Thank you, Tamara, for being our amazing photographer! All the photos turned out amazing and I can’t stop looking at them. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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