Sweet baby Nova came into this world in what sounds like the most peaceful, home-water birth imaginable. I am blown away by her Momma’s strength and completely in awe of her birth story! I am also completely in awe of the resulting, precious baby girl! I was able to shoot Nova Anastasia when she was just 3 days old… This makes her, by far, the youngest subject that I have ever worked with……. and also one of the CUTEST and most precious! Congratulations to Mommy & Daddy- Stacey & Cale! I am positively smitten with this glorious, sweet child of yours. I can’t wait for our next shoot!


2 thoughts on “Nova!

  1. I can’t believe how different she looks, only 4 weeks later. Our next shoot will only give us even more memories to treasure. I am always so grateful for these amazing photos. You are incredible.

    We sure do love you Auntie Tamara. ❤

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