I have known Bob, Roseanne and their two fabulous sons for years. For as long as I have known them, they have thrown an annual Oktoberfest Party called ‘Bobtoberfest’. Bobtoberfest is legendary amongst their friends as family with each year being bigger and more ‘Oktoberfest’d out‘ than the last. A magician, face painter & arts & crafts station for the kids, chefs grilling up bratwurst, a 5 piece German ‘Ooompa-pa’ band, endless beer on tap and more pretzels than you could ever eat; the recipe for a great party if ever I have seen one!

Bob & Rosie have been together for nearly 20 years. They have two beautiful sons, an unspeakably gorgeous home and an amazing circle of friends and family.. But for whatever reason they just never got married. Well, in a pretty surprising turn of events the duo decided to choose Bobtoberfest 2011 as the setting for their SURPRISE nuptials! A few people (*ahem* like yours-truly) were let in on the secret ahead of time, while the majority of the guests were under the impression that they were attending just a regular Bobtoberfest.

But when 5:30pm sharp rolled around and the band picked up with a German Ooompa-pa version of ‘Here Comes the Bride‘, the guests broke out into an enormous cheer as Roseanne walked down the steps to meet her Groom & two beautiful sons (dressed in matching Lederhosen). It was such a great moment! Even the bride & groom’s own parents had not been let in on the secret and I can only imagine the surprise and happiness they must have been feeling.

After the exchange of vows, rings & a fabulous kiss– the newly weds got right back down to the Bobtoberfest Festivities. The guests partied, congratulated & “PROST’ed’ well into the evening.


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