I often have ‘repeat’ clients. Clients who come back to me once, or twice, or even 10x. Clients who I build I relationship with & truly value and love. This weekend I had a Holiday Session with one such family. We captured many fabulous images (check back later for those!) but one of the funnest shots of the day was a ‘recreation’ shot of a photo I took of their children 2.5 years ago.

Then & Now…

How fun would it be to come back to this same spot in 5 or 10 years and do this photo AGAIN?!



2 thoughts on “recreating!

  1. What a great shot and MEMORY for them!!! Amazing to see just how quickly children grow. I would love to bring Nova back to the same locations over and over again to see how she’s changed, and even how the location itself is different over time.

    Amazing. 🙂

  2. I love this! I remember the original picture from a couple years ago, and seeing how the kids have grown so much in what feels like almost no-time is pretty amazing. (I also kinda love that there’s a graffiti heart drawn into the spot between them… so apropos)

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