Nova is Baptized

It’s not every day that your best-&-longest friend’s first born gets baptized!

This Sunday was a very special day– I was able to see (and shoot!) sweet little Nova be Christened at her Mom’s childhood church.  It was a very special ceremony just oozing with love. More than anything, I loved watching Stacey’s (my dear friend) face, because the adoration and pride written across it was absolutely priceless. I have known Stacey for about 15 years and have photographed basically every major life event for her… Engagement, Wedding, Pregnancy.. Nova’s Baptism was another very important moment for their little family and I am so glad that I was able to be part of it. Being able to witness so many momentous occasions and create lasting memories in the form of beautiful photographs in return is such a wonderful thing.


One thought on “Nova is Baptized

  1. It’s always incredible to be part of an event and then see photographs as amazing as yours after the fact rather than a few disjointed images pieced together from everyone’s respective point and shoots.

    As always, thank you more than you can imagine.

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