Frances & Chilo

Goodness! I can’t believe that I didn’t blog about Frances’ and Chilo’s Wedding yet! I guess I got so wrapped up in the Holidays and The New Year, and it just completely slipped my mind. Well, better late than never!

I first met Frances when she contacted me for photos of her then-4 month old baby girl. The shoot was fabulous and I went on to work with Frances & her daughter Charlotte many more times. Each time was an absolute joy. Charlotte was a natural in front of the camera from that very first shoot!

In mid-2011 Frances contacted me yet again. Only this time it wasn’t for photos of Charlotte… Frances and her long-time boyfriend were now ENGAGED and planning a intimate wedding at San Francisco’s City Hall. I could not have been more thrilled for this little family! Even more exciting was that Frances wanted to know when I would next be in San Francisco. She wanted to plan her wedding for a date that I would be in town because she was determined that I had to be their photographer. I was beyond flattered that she was so set on me photographing her big day. We’ll wait for you! We’re not in any rush! She said. ::ultimate photographer flattery::

And so, on November 18th I was honoured to once again work with this amazing family. Only this time I was being trusted to photograph one of the biggest days of their lives– Their Wedding Day. As always, City Hall was an absolutely perfect backdrop for a short, sweet & tender ceremony. Congratulations Frances & Chilo (and of course, precious little Charlotte, too)!! I am so glad that I could have been there.


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