I just ordered myself a ‘Tamara Lakeman Photography’ pen and I had to laugh…

Honestly, my initial reaction to it was that it was a bit tacky & cheesy to have one’s own business name on a PEN.

I mean, really.

But then the pen arrived (I had ordered it when I ordered my pamphlets) and I have to admit… I am kind of in love with this thing. Mostly I want to give one to everyone that I know and toss them into crowds of my screaming, adoring fans (har har). They are not cheap to order however, and there is MUCH more affordable marketing material out there. So, for now I think I’ll need to stick with just this one… but one day… One day I will have the pens!


One thought on “pens!

  1. Look at you all professional and on a pen! One day you’ll be able to fill a pool with all of your pens and swim in THEM because your money will be tucked safely away in a bank. 😉

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