Pumpkin Patch!

First off- I should mention that this post is incredibly late. In fact, I likely wouldn’t have thought to share these images had a certain someone not poked me an not-so-subtle way (I love you, Liz!) However, I am a firm believer that it’s always ‘better late than never’ so in the spirit of that, here we go!

Last October I had the pleasure of joining Elizabeth & her fabulous twin girls Charlotte & Poppy (who were 17 months old at the time) to the Richmond Country Farms Pumpkin Patch. I grew up in this area, but it was my very first time visiting this particular Pumpkin Patch, and man was it fun! Hayrides, Sing-a-longs, Live band, Farm Animals, Free apples and of course, all the muddy, squelchy, messy pumpkin-adventure fun that you could ever dream of.

Charlotte & Poppy were so adorable tromping through the patch while they searched for just the right pumpkin, and Liz & I certainly had our hands full lugging their selections (and a couple of mucky toddlers!) back to the hayride! What a day!

Thanks to Richmond County Farm for a fabulous morning & to Liz & the girls for letting me tag along. Let’s do it again next fall!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch!

  1. You always capture this Old-World English atmosphere while shooting the twins. I can absolutely imagine that after this adventure these two ladies ambled home, put on their slippers and their cable knit sweaters and sipped on Earl Grey while they watched some late night UK programming. Oddly enough…it makes me want a) a twin. And b) to travel. 🙂

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