Last day to enter!

Alright everyone!

Today is the very last day to enter my Photo Shoot Giveaway! At 9pm tonight I will officially no longer be accepting submissions & will set to work posting your entries online at my Facebook Page!

I have received some extremely cute entries. In fact, everyone is so adorable that I am glad that I am not able to vote on this contest because it will be downright IMPOSSIBLE for me to select ‘the cutest’. Everyone is absolutely precious and has such a wonderful reason for why they want to win this shoot and what it would mean to them & their family… How could I ever choose!? Nope! Instead I will leave that nearly impossible task up to YOU and your family & friends. You’re welcome!

Remember– All participants will be given 25% off their next Portrait Session (booked by June 30th), regardless of how many ‘votes’ you receive. That’s 25% off JUST for submitting a photo and having some fun. So, why not give it a go?!

Review Contest Details HERE and then email your entry photo, as well as a 1-2 sentence write-up on why you want to win this Super-Awesome Giveaway to:

Make sure to check back at my Facebook Page tonight to see all the adorable submissions and start voting! ❤


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