The R* Family

One of my very favourite things to do is to shoot a family in their own home. Some of my favourite images have come from these ‘in-home’ lifestyle sessions. Children & Infants especially, benefit from the familiar sights, sounds & comforts of home.

I think that we photographers are occasionally guilty of forgetting how it feels to be on the other side of this camera gear. As much as we try to make our clients feel comfortable and at ease, there is always a little bit of pressure and anxiety to look/behave your best. Children are very sensitive to this pressure and I believe that this is the #1 reason why they have melt downs and tantrums during shoots. The pressure can be just too much. This is all the more reason to keep their environments as familiar & natural as possible, to keep smiles on your faces, and to go out of your way to keep things fun & relaxed.

I shot this session at the R* Family’s home in Burnaby, BC. It was an absolutely beautiful spring day! We began the shoot in their home, and then moved outside for the last half of it giving their daughter, Stella, a chance to blow off some steam. The R* family welcomed their newest addition, baby Angus, last month and this shoot was the first time he’d had his photo professionally taken. He was a complete natural!



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