Team Sarrie! The Caves, Edinburgh Scotland.

Recently I had the extremely awesome opportunity to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland to shoot the Wedding/Civil Union of two incredible people. I first met Carrie & Sarah in San Francisco almost two years ago. I was struck then by their warmth & tenderness towards each other, but I would have never thought that 21 months later I would be half-way across the world shooting their Wedding!

When I received an email from Carrie in January of this year asking if I would be open to the idea of photographing their big day, I almost pee’d my pants. I know that’s not very professional to admit, but it’s true! I was THRILLED. Not just because it would mean that I would get to go to Scotland, but because I would get to work with this amazing couple once more. Lucky me!

Their big day was packed full of personalized, ‘DIY’ touches. From the newspaper buttoniers, to their converted-children’s books menus, the whole event just oozed ‘Carrie & Sarah’ (known collectively now by the moniker of ‘Sarrie‘) charm. It was fabulous.

There are a few things that I will never forget about Sarrie’s wedding:

* The Ceilidh Dancing! While a norm at Scottish Weddings & Events, this traditional Gaelic group folk dance has yet to take North America by storm… And that is a cryin’ shame because it was easily some of the most fun I have ever had at a Wedding! So fun, in fact, that I think I will make it a point to mention it to all my future Wedding Clients in an attempt to convince THEM to have a Ceilidh of their very own. They’ll thank me later!

* The Venue. ‘The Caves’ on Niddry Street hosted both the Ceremony & the Reception and they did an absolutely stand-up job of it. While tricky to photograph in, the brick, the lights, the secret little nooks & crannies were so incredibly atmospheric and beautiful! The venue really took on an identity all it’s own… Which, I think, is the sign of a truly special venue.

* The LOVE! Look, every wedding is packed full of love. That’s sort of the nature of the event, y’know? However, every so often you get to attend a wedding where the LOVE, the serenity, the happiness practically drips from the walls. It oozes out of not just the Bride & Groom (or, in this case- the Bride & the Bride) but out of every single person in attendance as well. There is so much love and endorphins just floating around that it’s intoxicating. I will always remember Carrie & Sarah’s wedding as one of the most loving, tender & genuine nuptials that I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

Big thank you to Carrie & Sarah for having me out there and for trusting me and my camera to capture their magical day. You were such gracious hosts! I wish you two a lifetime of laughter and happiness (though, I have a feeling that your lives are not lacking in that department in the slightest!). Much love!


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