Heather and Brian– Aran Islands, Ireland Wedding.

Heather and Brian tied the knot in an absolutely amazing, traditionally Celtic ceremony on the Aran Island of ‘Inishmore’, just off the west coast of Ireland. Funnily enough, the couple have no real ‘ties’ to Ireland. Neither of them are from there, neither of them have family there, they did not get engaged there, or grow up there… They simply have adventurous spirits and wanted to make their wedding unique and do it their way. I have an incredible amount respect for people who do this… For people who are able to shrug off convention and tradition in favour of something that feels real and true to themselves. It’s not easy to do!

Heather and Brian’s Wedding felt a lot like a family vacation (in which I was a quickly adopted member!) The day before the wedding, we all met at the ‘Man of Aran’ Cottage where most of the guests, including the Bride & Groom, would be staying. Sight seeing on the island commenced and the day was wrapped up with a wonderful dinner at a local pub. Fiddles, flutes & guitars belted out traditional Irish music for all to enjoy.

The next morning I met Heather back in her room to shoot her ‘getting ready’ photos. The vibe was completely laid back and relaxed as she laughed with her Mother, Aunt, Dear friend Tricia and fabulous hair-stylist. Seeing Heather step into her dress for the first time was truly breath taking. It’s always so incredible to see beautiful women be instantaneously transformed into BRIDES right before your eyes. One of the highlights of the day for me was being there to witness Heather’s Dad see his gorgeous daughter for the first time as a ‘bride’…. He came into the room almost cautiously.. as if he was afraid to touch her or get to close.. and the only words that came out of his mouth were ‘Wow‘.

‘Wow’. Over and over.

And then he cried… And then I think we all cried.

Heather & her Dad met the rest of the Wedding guests (and the anxious groom) at their amazing Ceremony Location. Chiaráin Temple is a monastic ruin dating from the 6th Century. It’s location up on a beautiful, green hill gives commanding views over the island and down to the sea. An absolutely breath taking location for Heather & Brian’s big day!

The traditionally ‘Celtic’ ceremony that followed was wonderful. About 45 minutes in length an held in 4 separate ‘stations’ (or places’) around the temple; the ceremony was packed full of beautiful symbolism and heart-felt expression. I was very impressed with how both Heather & Brian, as woman & man, were separately were honoured for their unique gifts and attributes and how these attitudes should appreciated & valued equally within a marriage. It was beautiful.

Following the ceremony was a small, intimate dinner back at the Man of Aran Cottage. The proprietors (Joe and Maura) prepared a wonderful meal for Heather & her 11 guests, while they sipped champagne on the outdoor patio. The evening came to a close as guests laughed, shared old memories and created new ones.

Thank you to Dara Molloy (aka Father Dara) for hosting such a memorable ceremony… and of course Heather & Brian for having me all the way out to Ireland to be part of your magical day. It was truly an experience that I will never forget! I wish you a long life together full of happiness & continued adventure.


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