D Family! Trout Lake Park, Vancouver. Family Photography.

I have been looking forward to my session with the D* family ever since they won my Photo Shoot Giveaway Contest in the spring. I was really hoping to be able to shoot them sooner, but well.. Life happens and schedules can sometimes be hard to overlap. But! It ended up being well worth the wait.

I chose Vancouver’s beautiful Trout Lake Park as the backdrop for this session, because of it’s quiet, serene location right in the middle of the hubbub of central Vancouver. It truly is like a little oasis. Twins Jada & Maya and their big brother Gavin certainly kept me on my toes for the entire shoot; I dashing here & there & everywhere just to keep up and capture all of their precious antics. I love these sorts of shoots though- the ones where the kids are just so totally *themselves* that capturing their true personalities (even though they’re busy!) is easy as pie. Still though, my hat goes off to their Mom (and amazing Nanny who came along to lend a hand!) for doing it every single day and making it look effortless.

Thanks for the wonderful shoot, D* Family!! I hope to see you again very soon.




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