The M* Family. Deep Cove Family Portraiture.

I was so excited when Ella contacted me about shooting her wonderful family in Deep Cove, North Vancouver. It one of my very favourite places in the Vancouver area! It has a very quaint, ‘small town’, sea-side village vibe… all while being just 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. No summer is complete without a day spent in Deep Cove!

We met “at the icecream parlour in town” (love that!) and went off to explore the park from there. Their boys, 7 & 5 years, were so wonderful to work with and so cooperative! Quick to give genuine smiles, and happy to follow my loose posing direction. I heard Ella remark several times, “Why don’t you pose like this for Mommy?!” which made me laugh!

There were a few aspects of this shoot that made it extra special::

1- It took place on Ella & Scott’s 11th wedding anniversary! HUGE congratulations to them!

2- Ella’s Parents were in town from England during the session, and it was so awesome to include them in the session. It’s not often that I get to shoot an ‘extended’ family like this…Though, I have to say; While grandma & grandpa may LIVE far away, I didn’t get the feeling that there was anything ‘extended’ about their incredible relationship with their darling grandsons!

Thanks for an awesome afternoon, M* Family! I hope to see you guys around the Holidays for some fun Holiday Portraits! xoxo


One thought on “The M* Family. Deep Cove Family Portraiture.

  1. Thanks for a wonderful shoot Tamara and for lots of fantastic photos. It’s true, you managed to capture the boys’ natural smiles many times over, something that I always struggle to achieve! The last time we had a professional shoot done, a few years ago, I felt the photographer missed so many opportunities to do this, so I was impressed with how quickly you built a rapport with us all (not just the boys!) and how you managed to capture some wonderful memories. Thanks again 🙂

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