goodbye smugmug!

Just a note that over the next month I will be transitioning Web-Gallery providers. The company that I will now be hosting with comes with much recommendation and praise by my Photographer friends, so I hope that this change will bring my clients an improved viewing & sharing experience!

The only regrettable (yet unavoidable) thing is that my page will be deactivated completely. Meaning any & all galleries will be removed.  In an effort to keep things minimalistic and tidy, I will not be uploading all of my older albums to my new gallery home. So! If you had a session with Tamara Lakeman Photography prior to August 20th 2012, your session will only be viewable at my Smugmug page until September 21.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ‘start fresh’ with my new host & introduce a small Gallery policy change::

From October 1st onwards, albums will only remain viewable online for 4 weeks following your session. During this time clients will be able to order prints, share the album link with family & friends, and generally enjoy their photos through their free, online gallery. When the 4 weeks is up, the album will be removed to make room for my more recent work.

What if things are busy and a client doesn’t get a chance or complete their Print Order before the 1 month is up? No problem! For a $25 (+tax) service fee, albums can be ‘reinstated’ for another month. Or, I will happily (and for free!) meet with local clients for an ‘in-person’ Ordering Session.

It’s my hope that this new policy will not only keep my Gallery Home tidy, organized and up-to-date, but that it will also encourage my amazing clients to hunker down and get those print orders in while their session is still fresh in their minds.

All sessions from today forward (including all FOUR of my amazing September wedding bookings!) will be viewable on my new gallery home. I am so excited to make this change and hope that you all enjoy it as much as I think you will.



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