what to wear

One of the questions I get asked most often is “What should we wear to our session?”

It’s a tough question to answer because I always want clients to dress, feel & look like themselves. I would never want someone to dress “how I told them” and have them show up feeling completely uncomfortable & miserable. Your outfit needs to represent who YOU are. At the end of the day, you should wear something that you truly feel great in– because if you feel great, you usually end up looking pretty great too (funny how that works!).


There are definitely a few Fashion No-No’s when it comes to today’s Family Modern Portraiture::

1. Don’t be all ‘matchy-matchy’. Gone are the days when *everyone* in the family needs to show up in khaki pants and a white shirt (or whatever else).

2. No big logos/branding/words/phrases/images on your clothing. There is nothing that dates a photo (ie “Oh god.. that is so 2012!”) quite like words & brands splattered across a t-shirt.

3. Avoid ultra mini shirts/skirts/dresses. And/or tank tops on men. Let’s keep it classy!


There are also Fashion Yes-Yes’s, too!::

1. DO! Try to ‘coordinate’ your outfits. Don’t match them outright, but aim for a unified ‘feel’. Similar colour palettes & textures go a long way.

2. DO! Keep it timeless by sticking with solid colours and ‘classic’ patterns like stripes, plaid & polka dots.

3. DO! Dress in layers (sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves) and incorporate ‘pops’ of colour and texture. A fun, chunky necklace…. a pair of brightly coloured shoes or boots…. an oversized headband on your daughter… a precious tweed jacket on your son… etc! All of these items help to add dimension & personality to your entire family ‘look’.


Still confused and overwhelmed? Check out these visual aides… Here are some images that I found on google which demonstrate awesome Outfit Guides for Fall/Winter. I hope that these can give you a little guidance if you are feeling particularly lost!


One thought on “what to wear

  1. I love it when you post “what you can wear” guidelines. Everyone wants to look good in their photos but it’s SO HARD when you have no idea how to dress yourself or what sorts of clothing items look flattering on camera. (Tons of miniature polka dots in various colors with striped tights = NO!) Thanks!!! 😀

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