Lori and Brad- {Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver. Maternity Photography}

It’s a small world.

Not too long ago I ran my ‘Very Vancouver Giveaway‘ Contest. A lovely lady by the name of Denise Erdez won. When I drew the winner, I thought to myself, “Erdez… I know that name! But from where…” I immediately emailed Denise to share the good news.. She responded back saying that she’d like to gift the winnings to her gorgeous, pregnant Daughter. Lori.

And then it clicked! Lori! From high school! 10 years ago! (Sorry Lori! I’ve just given away our ages!). Lori is married now and has a new last name, as well as a new husband and an even newer, gorgeous bump. But as soon as I realized that I’d get to shoot my old high-school friend, I was beyond thrilled.

Isn’t life funny like that? Everything has a way of coming back around.

For Brad and Lori’s session, we explored beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park. Brad kept us laughing the entire time with his hilarious posing suggestions & one-liners. He had some great ideas too– like blowing dandelion seeds in the one shot where Lori is laying on her back in the grass and looking up at the camera! I can’t take credit for that; it was all Brad! We joked that Brad must have stayed up the night before researching Maternity Photography because he was just that good.

I loved every minute of this session, and I love every resulting image. Such a beautiful couple!! And the best part? The baby will arrive in just a few short weeks! Perhaps there is a newborn session on the horizon?



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