R* Family {Alta Plaza Park Family Photographer}

I have been shooting the R* family since their daughter was just 6 months old. It’s always an honour when a family asks me to come back time and time again to capture all of their biggest milestones… It’s so wonderful to truly get to know my clients and to watch their family (and love!) expand!

The the beauty of ‘Custom’ Photography is that you can really get to know your photographer, and your photographer can really get to know YOU. The kids remember me and greet me with a hug, and the parents feel relaxed & at ease knowing that I am familiar with their little ones and trusting that I’ll capture them wonderfully, as always. I build a bond with my return-clients and that bond is reflected time & time again the quality of images that I am able to get. I’m not just a working professional; I am a family friend….  and that makes all the difference!

I love these folks and am already looking forward to our next session– whenever that may be! ❤


One thought on “R* Family {Alta Plaza Park Family Photographer}

  1. It is so awesome being able to watch their family grow through your work, not to mention seeing how the shots themselves change as the children get older and their family expands! Being able to count on a professional to treat you like a person and not just a “job” makes such a difference. ❤

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