Alex and Becca {Burnaby Wedding Photographer}

Alex and Becca tied the knot in a sweet, super-intimate ceremony at Burnaby Village Museum. I’d been to the Museum before (which is set up like a charming Canadian village straight out of 1912) but I had no idea you could get married at the charming little chapel on the property! Afterwards, the newly weds and their 20 guests walked next door to the Hart House Restaurant for the tight-knit reception.

I loved all the personalized, DIY touches in this wedding! From the felt-buttonieres that Becca designed and made herself, to the hand-painted sugar cubes in the favours… This wedding, while small, was a real labour of love.

Being the ‘outdoorsy’ types- Becca and Alex followed their big day up with a road & camping trip down the Oregon/California coast. I hope that their honeymoon, like their wedding, was full of love, happiness and amazing memories. It was such an honor and a pleasure being there on your big day!



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