Michelle & Dean {San Francisco Wedding}

I met Michelle and Dean 3 years ago when I was interviewing to become their nanny. Their oldest was 3 months old and Michelle’s maternity leave was coming to a close. I was just starting out as photographer and looking for a ‘day-job’ that left me with time and mental energy to pursue my budding photography business. We were a match made in heaven! Little did I know that not only would I get that job that day, but I was also meeting a woman who would become one of my dearest friends.

Nannying is a very unique ‘job’. If you let it (and I always do, because I think that this is where the beauty lays) you can become completely intertwined with a family. The lines of ’employee’ and ‘trusted friend’ and ‘member of the family’ become blurred… and you sort of become this honoary-auntie of sorts. You dry tears (not just the baby’s). You run family errands. You come over at the drop of a hat because the family desperately needs another set of capable hands. You know Mom & Dad’s dirtiest little secrets and you love them even  more deeply for every single one.

And that is how it was with Michelle & Dean and their oldest son (their most recent son had not yet been born). I loved them deeply and took pride in being an honorary-member-of-family. So when they asked me to be their Wedding Photographer- I said ‘YES’ in a heartbeat. Even moving back to Canada would not detour me from my excitement to shoot their big day. I moved back here, and promptly booked a flight back down to be there for their big day. I would not miss it for the world!

Shooting the weddings of friends is always a unique experience. Just like nannying, the line between ’employee’ and ‘friend’ becomes blurred. You’re there to provide a service (take awesome photos!) but you’re also there to celebrate the incredible day with them. It can be a tricky balance to find, but just like with nannying, it’s worth the effort when you get it right. Thank you Michelle and Dean for all the memories– both on your wedding day, and before– I hope that my images managed to do your incredible day some justice.

Michelle and Dean tied the knot at the stunning Saint Peter & Paul Church. A reception at the San Francisco City Club followed, where guests danced & laughed late into the night.


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