Holiday-Mini WINNER!

A big congratulations to JENNIFER NICHOLSON!

You have won my ‘Holiday-Mini Giveaway’ and you will going home with a Free Holiday Mini-Session (including 25 Holiday Cards) AND a $100 print credit to put towards a print order from your Holiday Session!

Jennifer, please email me at CONTACT@TAMARALAKEMAN.COM to book your session!

Jennifer’s most cherished Holiday Memory?

Last year was my baby boys first Christmas. It was unforgetable. It was so wonderful to experience Christmas through my childs eyes. The lights, the music all lit up his little eyes. And when he lay down on my lap and gently closed his eyes and fell asleep in the middle of opening presents, it melted my heart.”

I would like to thank all of the people who shared their wonderful Holiday memories/traditions with me on my facebook wall. It was fabulous reading about the many ways we have all celebrated this wonderful time of year & I was truly touched by all of your fabulous memories. When all is said and done & the years go by, the thing we seem to cherish most about the Holidays is the togetherness.

Thank you for playing! And even if you DIDN’T win, I hope you will consider booking a Holiday-Mini Session of your own this year. Spaces are still available and, like holiday togetherness, a beautiful family photo will be cherished for years to come.


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