An Announcement!

Hello 2013!

I apologize for my absence the last month and a half. The holidays took over my life, and as soon as those were over, I hopped on a plane to Thailand. I have been hiding out there ever since! 5 weeks of sunshine, beaches, pad thai and a blissfully wide-open calendar. It was glorious. I am home now & excited to get back to work.. but I do have a bit of an announcement!

While at Vancouver International Airport, 10 minutes before we boarded our plane to commence our around-the-world Thailand adventure, my boyfriend & travel-buddy got down onto one knee in front of me and asked me a pretty big question…

“Tamara,” he began. “You are the best thing to have ever happened to me. You enrich my life in more ways than I can count &  I can’t imagine being without you. Before we go on this trip together, I was wondering if you would marry me?”

(Or something to that effect. I’m actually not really sure what he said, because I was too busy covering my face with my hands & sobbing in a very unattractive and public way.)

Then I said no, and we went on the trip together and it was SUPER awkward.


I said YES! (obviously!) and we skipped onto the plane together hand in hand, and spent the rest of the 23 hour journey giggling like giddy little school girls.

So here I am! Engaged and THRILLED. There really is nothing like shooting people in love, while you yourself are desperately, ridiculously in love as well.  I am so looking forward to a year of photographing other people’s gorgeous weddings while secretly stealing all the best ideas to use at my OWN wedding. Ha!

I’d like to offer a round of high-fives out to all the 2013 brides & grooms. We’re in this together!



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