Quality over Quantity

One of the questions that photographers are asked most often is “How many photos will I get?”.  The general consensus amoungst prospective clients (and who can blame them?) is that ‘more’ is always better. However, this is truly not the case with photography.

There are photographers out there who focus simply on getting ‘LOTS’; They do not worry so much about the quality of image caught, they simply shoot, shoot, shoot with the knowledge that somewhere in there, by luck more than anything, there will be a handful of decent images. Personally, I do not adhere this school of thought. I would rather deliver 10 *amazing*, jaw dropping, stunning photos to a client, than 50 mediocre ones. Honestly, I would caution you all against any photographer who has a different point of view. After all, if you gave a two-year old a camera for a day, I am willing to bet that at least *one* of the thousands of photos she took would be inspiring.

I just read this quote by another photographer. I think they hit the nail on the head. When asked “How many photos will I get?” they responded,

‘Anywhere between 24 and 24,000… No, really- It’s about 200-400 images. But let me ask you this — If your favourite movie were 6 hours longer, would it be any better? If your favourite song was 400 notes longer, would it make it a better song?’

It’s quality over quantity.


One thought on “Quality over Quantity

  1. Thanks for writing this post, I agree 100%. I don’t do any photography for the purpose of selling my photos at the moment) but when I do my blog posts I like to make sure I am showing the few best photos I took that day, or if its more of a write up of the day I show the few most relevant ones that show my journey. I think there is too much of showing every photo no matter how bad it is. I also think showing only what you consider your best is good self criticism and awareness which leads to greater improvement!

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