My ring

These first few weeks home from my big trip to Thailand have been a whirlwind. Here I thought it would be my ‘slow time of year’ but I’ve proven to be a bit mistaken about that. I am busy with Inquiries and Client Consults and WEDDING PLANNING of my own!

For those who don’t know, I was actually married once before. It was a short marriage that fell apart just as quickly as it came together. My first wedding was small (‘City Hall’ sort of small) with very little planning necessary.  Planning that wedding felt like such a chore; something that I was happy to avoid. Having ‘done this once before’ I now have a better idea of what I want and what I don’t. This wedding, while it won’t be HUGE, will be much bigger, more fun and with a muuuch bigger guest list. This time, for some reason, I am enjoying every minute of the ‘planning’ process. Every time I email a potential vendor I feel a surge of excitement!

All I can say is that having a second chance at a wedding and at (more importantly) LOVE & MARRIAGE has been such an incredible gift. I am so thankful.

Yesterday I took a few shots of my very own Engagement Ring. My fiance & I will be going for a ‘Rustic/Vintage’ theme for our big day.


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