if the shoe fits; wear it.

Last week I got to spend one delightful morning with my 2 young nieces. I took them to a ‘Drop in Gym’ at the local community center, stopped by a local chinese bakery for a snack, and then came home for a little play time before their Mom & Dad came to pick them up. It’s such a treat to get to spend one-on-one time with these two little sweet hearts!

Though, I do have a confession….

These girls aren’t quite yet TRULY my nieces. They are the daughters of my best (and longest… 15 years!) friend… but not my true, biological nieces. Not yet, anyway!

You see. I am engaged to my Best Friend’s brother-in-law. It’s a convenient arrangement which has amazingly worked out VERY well for all involved. When I found myself newly single back in 2011, my best friend took me aside and exclaimed in a very excited way that it was good that I was single because “Now I could marry her Single & Available Brother-in-Law!” and “then we would be sisters!”.

I told her to cool her jets…. but that I would go on a date with the guy and see how it went.

And the rest is history. We went on a date. And then another. And then another. And before long I realized that I really LIKED this guy! I’m not sure if my best friend really knew how much of a Match we would truly be, or if she simply wanted to push us together for the convenient potential by-product of our union… But! Whatever her initial intention- it worked. Something ‘clicked’ in a way that nothing has ever ‘clicked’. And now, I am planning a wedding with this fabulous man.

When J & I get married, my Best-Friend-Of-The-Last-15-Years and I will have the same last name. Our children will be cousins. We will be sisters-in-law. And I will TRULY be her two, beautiful daughter’s ‘Aunt’. For real.

Until then, I’ll keep calling myself their ‘Aunt’. Because, as they say, “if the shoe fits; wear it.”



2 thoughts on “if the shoe fits; wear it.

  1. EEEEE! I’m so happy for you and S! (seriously, I’m almost crying right now..) Oh and I guess I’m happy for you and J…
    And that last picture OMG.. if it wasn’t totally weird to have of someone else’s kid, I would put a canvas of THAT PICTURE in my house somewhere, so I could see that little happy open-mouthed face all the time! But that would be creepy, especially since I haven’t had any nice pics of my own kids done yet.. ha.

  2. Oh Tamara you’re so sweet. You’ve always been a part of our family and now, even though I’m not a Boden you will be Stacey’s SISTER-in-law, and my grand daughter’s Auntie so somehow, someway I’m sure I’m going to officially be your Mom. I love you so much and I’m so happy for you and Jered (and Stacey and Cale). Elta and Annette don’t know how lucky they are to have you in thier lives. I’m crying too. Wow, you really did it. Way to blog! : )

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