Sunday Mornings.

I had to reschedule a photo shoot yesterday morning due to rain. It was POURING. Pouring as if it knew that I had a Maternity Session scheduled and it just wanted to spite me. I hate postponing for rain, but I hate miserable, uncomfortable, cold, wet mothers-to-be even more. So I rescheduled.

I love this city, and I love what all the rain brings us (trees, lush green grass, a moderate climate) but I have to admit– sometimes I kind of hate all this damn percipitation. I hate the rain so much sometimes that I get to thinking (perhaps unfairly) that I hate Vancouver itself. And I daydream about leaving this place, with a ‘middle finger’ planted firmly on my left hand as I get the hell out of town. Headed for somewhere else. Anywhere else where the sun is shining.

But then the next day the sun comes out, and the sky is the most radiant blue you’ve ever seen. You throw open your french patio doors, and stand there for far too long, your favorite mug of hot coffee in hand. You breathe in that fresh, early spring air, and you think to yourself, “It was worth it.”


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