A big move

Some exciting news in the works over here at Tamara Lakeman Photography….

My fiancé (who will be my “husband” in just 8 shorts weeks) and I are relocating to Rossland, BC! Rossland is a small mountain town in the heart of British Columbia’s ‘Kootenay’ region. It is home to Red Mountain Ski Resort and has a bustling winter tourism industry.

For sometime we have wanted to relocate to a smaller, more cozy town. We are drawn to the slower-pace of life, the idea of leaving our home unlocked, the idea of being able to afford our OWN a home, seeing familiar faces at the grocery store, knowing our neighbours names, and all the many other things that ‘Small Town Life’ means.

One thing was holding us back though…. Jobs.

Small Town Life is well and good… but it’s no secret that Small Towns don’t generally have a plethora of well-paying jobs available. My greatest concern was that we would leave the City (where we are established and comfortable) and find ourselves barely getting by in a Small Town. Working pay-check to pay-check at jobs that we hate, for minimum wage. I can’t give up Vancouver for that! No way! So, our dream had to wait. It had to wait until the stars aligned & we would be able to move to the Small Town of our dreams with a great job in our back pocket.

I am happy to report that earlier this year, those stars aligned. My Fiancé accepted a new position with a WONDERFUL, stable employer… and in July of this year that employer will be relocating us to Rossland, BC where we will start a new, exciting, very different chapter of our lives.

What does this mean for Tamara Lakeman Photography?

Well, for one, the MUCH lower cost of living in Rossland will mean that I will finally be able to focus more exclusively on Tamara Lakeman Photography. When we own a home, I may even be able to fulfill my dream of putting in a home-studio! Yes, getting re-established with a new client base will be time consuming… but for once, I will actually HAVE time to spare.

It also means that I will get to service a whole new region of Families & Weddings. My service area will primarily be the South-Eastern Corner of the province, but I will absolutely travel into Alberta & BC’s Okanagan Valley as well. Living in Small Towns means spending more time in your car, and that is something that I am completely okay with.

As for my Vancouver clients– NEVER FEAR! I am securely rooted here in this beautiful City and I have every intention of coming back every couple of months (or more, if my fabulous clients request!) Rossland is a 7 hour drive away. Not exactly do able every single weekend, but certainly do able every 8-10 weeks. Not only do I have a wonderful client base here, but I also have friends and family who are very dear to me. Returning for regular work/play visits will be extremely important.

As always, thank you all for your amazing support and love. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am to be starting this new chapter.

Image copyright Steve Hilts 2008

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