Diana and Brent

I am such a sucker for a modern ‘backyard’ wedding. When done right, they feel just the right amount of intimate, personal, and cozy, with enough class and glamour mixed in to make the guests feel like they are really witnessing something special. And that is exactly what Diana and Brent’s ‘backyard wedding’ was like.

Held at Diana’s Family’s beautiful Shaungnessy home, the couple said ‘I Do’ surrounded by just 40 of their very nearest and dearest. The guest of honour, of course, was their 2 year old son, Oliver. Oliver completely stole the show in his adorable grey suit & red converse sneakers! I felt honoured to be there, and privileged to witness such an extraordinary couple commit themselves to each other for life.

I really enjoyed all the regional touches that this worldly couple included in their big day… Pimms Cocktail (in honour our Diana’s British Roots), Brooklyn Hard Candy favours (because the couple currently live in NYC), and West Coast Regional Cuisine, like wild salmon, for their meal. No attention to detail was spared as guests nibbled on absolutely delicious fare from Truffles Fine Foods. The sliders were particularly mouth watering!

My stand out favorite moment from this wedding though, was the speeches. This is certainly a couple that touches the lives of others, and that became very obvious as we listened to the very kind words that a handful of their family & friends had to share. Particularly moving was Brent’s speech, in which he honoured his departed father and his wonderful new wife. It was a touching moment for everyone, and I don’t think that there was a single dry eye until that white tent.

After dinner, we all gathered around to witness the couple cut the cake with Diana’s Grandfather’s Brigadier sword. Diana had such a wonderful proud, mischievous twinkle in her eye as she wielded that incredible sword to make the inaugural slice!

Congratulations Diana, Brent & little Oliver! I was such fun to be part of your celebration.


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