Kaylin [Granville Island Portrait Photography]

It’s hard to believe that last month, my adorable niece started HIGHSCHOOL. Kaylin’s fabulous sense of humour, warmth, friendliness and sharp mind never cease to make me proud. Truly, at 13 years old, she is more beautiful than ever (both inside & out).

As anyone who has had the privilege of watching a young person grow up will say, it’s all happened much too quickly. Before your eyes they morph into these incredibly grown up looking human beings, and you’re left wondering both how old that it makes YOU, and where you were when it all happened because it seemed like just yesterday that they were small.

Just yesterday when they needed help cutting up their pancakes. Needed help finding the television channel with ‘Dora the Explorer’. Needed help brushing their teeth and tying their shoes. And today they are walking into a highschool– independent and confident– like they belong there and it’s the most natural thing in the world. Today they’re showing off their bellybuttons in Photoshoots with their aunts, and ROCKING it in a way that you never imagined they could.

These kids, man… They sure do grow up.

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