Well, folks… the big moment has arrived.

Let me start this off with a big of cold, hard truth:: For the past few months I have really been struggling with my identity as a photographer and as a professional. Last year was a tough one for me professionally, and over the Holidays I ultimately decided to take a small step back from shooting. I needed to get my bearings and figure out what I wanted and in which direction I was headed.

Since then, I’ve spent countless hours asking myself what I WANT from Photography. Not just what I am capable of doing, but what I truly want. When am I at my photographic-happiest? What am I most proud of? Where is my JOY? Deep inside I knew the answer all along:: It’s with boisterous families, busy kids, and squishy babies. It’s with funky, off-beat weddings & couples in love.  It’s with travel & far-away-places.

I realized that I still loved photography, I just didn’t necessarily love all the stuff that I was signing myself up to shoot. So, my resolution for 2014 was to be more honest with myself professionally. To have the balls to politely turn away projects that don’t feel right & to embrace with every ounce of my artistic being the ones that excite me.

With these changes in mind, and after much debate & discussion with those nearest & dearest to me, I have decided to re-brand my business entirely. I feel such a renewed sense of purpose and passion that I truly feel like it deserves it’s OWN entity… Is rebranding a big undertaking? You bet it is! But, what better time to start fresh? I am BACK folks, and I’m better than ever!

Please help me welcome my new business by ‘liking’ it on Facebook! HERE!

Your continued support truly means the world to  me. Please know that even in my darkest hour, I never once stopped being grateful for everyone who has ever paid my work a compliment, or offered a reassuring word. You are all so wonderful, and I am SO excited to be back in the saddle!


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