Sara and Bergen {Rossland Engagement Photographer}


I knew I liked Sara and Bergen before my bum even hit my seat during our initial consultation.

We met at Rossland’s ‘Flying Steamshovel Pub’ one grey day in October. I walked in, scanning the room for people I had never ever met, and my eyes immediately fell on Bergen– waving & smiling broadly from a table in the middle of the room.  Like I was a long lost friend. The 3 of us clicked right away, and we proceeded to have the best conversation over yam fries.

As I do at all my consultations, I left them with a copy of my Wedding Agreement, with no pressure to sign or commit on the spot. I am always happy for couples to go home, think on it, meet with other photographers, and do whatever feels best for them. We parted ways in the parking lot with hugs all around, and my wedding contract in their hands. I got in my car, sat down, and wrote a text message to my husband, “Consultation went great! This couple is rad!”


A car horn. I look up. Sara and Bergen have pulled their truck up in front of my car. I step out. Sara is leaning out of her rolled down window, smiling that million dollar smile. Bergen comes running around the front end of his truck, waving a check.

“We love you! We want you to be our wedding photographer! So why wait?! Here’s a check!”

And that, my friends, is how I met (and fell in love with) Sara and Bergen. They’re enthusiastic. They’re decisive. They’re energetic and fun. Oh, and they’re gorgeous. 

As lovers of winter, Sara suggested a ‘Winter Wonderland’ type engagement shoot. I’d never really shot in this much snow before (before from Vancouver and all!) but I was up for a new adventure. We donned our snow attire & met at Redstone Golf Course just a couple of days before Christmas. After wrapping up there, we headed up the hill for a few shots in downtown, absolutely-adorable, Rossland. What a fun shoot!

Sara & Bergen will be tying the knot at RED Mountain Resort this coming summer. I absolutely cannot wait!






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