Welcome Eli! {Castlegar Kootenays Newborn Photographer}

Welcoming a new baby, whether it’s #1 or #4 is always special… But there is really something extra special about getting to see older siblings welcome a new baby into their clan. The G* Family had me over to mark the occasion of baby Elliott’s grand arrival when he was just 7 days-new, and I could not be happier for them.

Elliott will grow up with two fabulous older brothers, and one doting older sister to turn to for advice, help, encouragement and fun! Not to mention, two thrilled (but, perhaps, slightly overwhelmed at the moment!) parents.  What a lucky little guy, and what a wonderful family!

Congratulations G* Family, and Welcome Little Eli!


Sweet Little Lana

Carolyn and Ross are long time clients of mine. I had the honour and privilege of shooting their STUNNING Hycroft Manor Wedding back in the summer of 2013. It was a perfect day, at the perfect venue, with the perfect couple. Then, in September 2014, just over 1 year later, I met with them again. This time to photograph Carolyn’s growing bump… and again everything was perfect. (Almost ridiculously so! I’d hate these two for being so damn perfect if they weren’t so fun, and down to earth, and genuine!)

One thing you should know about Carolyn and Ross is that they are straight-shooters. Despite their hollywood good looks and their fancy wedding- They don’t like frills. They don’t like gimmicks. They don’t do ‘cutesy’ or ‘posey’ or ‘gaze at each other lovingly while thinking about buttercups and faery-dust‘. From the very first day that I sat down with them over a beer to chat about their upcoming nuptials, they have been VERY clear about what they don’t want in their photos– cheese.

I have to admit, when they approached me about maternity photos this past fall, I was a bit surprised. Maternity photos? For Carolyn and Ross? Surely that’s too “cheesy”?! They were quick to add that they would never have approached ANYONE but me for the task, because they knew that I ‘got it’ and would keep the session down to earth and true to them. It was flattering to be trusted so implicitly. It is refreshing to work with clients who understand & appreciate my style so well… and vice-versa.

So, now here they are. Welcoming their newest addition a (…you guessed it) absolutely perfect little girl. Lana. She’s full of life, vivacious, & endlessly charming…. not unlike her wonderful Momma.

Welcome, sweet Lana. I can’t wait to watch you grow.

The R* Family

One of my very favourite things to do is to shoot a family in their own home. Some of my favourite images have come from these ‘in-home’ lifestyle sessions. Children & Infants especially, benefit from the familiar sights, sounds & comforts of home.

I think that we photographers are occasionally guilty of forgetting how it feels to be on the other side of this camera gear. As much as we try to make our clients feel comfortable and at ease, there is always a little bit of pressure and anxiety to look/behave your best. Children are very sensitive to this pressure and I believe that this is the #1 reason why they have melt downs and tantrums during shoots. The pressure can be just too much. This is all the more reason to keep their environments as familiar & natural as possible, to keep smiles on your faces, and to go out of your way to keep things fun & relaxed.

I shot this session at the R* Family’s home in Burnaby, BC. It was an absolutely beautiful spring day! We began the shoot in their home, and then moved outside for the last half of it giving their daughter, Stella, a chance to blow off some steam. The R* family welcomed their newest addition, baby Angus, last month and this shoot was the first time he’d had his photo professionally taken. He was a complete natural!


Nova’s First Easter!

I did a little Easter Mini-Session with my niece yesterday! This year was her very first Easter and so I thought it would be fun to do a ‘themed’ shoot. Nova looked adorable (as usual) and was such a good sport— even though she did NOT like those bunny ears!

And one hilarious out-take to prove that every shoot has it’s trials and tribulations!


Nova is Baptized

It’s not every day that your best-&-longest friend’s first born gets baptized!

This Sunday was a very special day– I was able to see (and shoot!) sweet little Nova be Christened at her Mom’s childhood church.  It was a very special ceremony just oozing with love. More than anything, I loved watching Stacey’s (my dear friend) face, because the adoration and pride written across it was absolutely priceless. I have known Stacey for about 15 years and have photographed basically every major life event for her… Engagement, Wedding, Pregnancy.. Nova’s Baptism was another very important moment for their little family and I am so glad that I was able to be part of it. Being able to witness so many momentous occasions and create lasting memories in the form of beautiful photographs in return is such a wonderful thing.

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

I did an exceedingly adorable Halloween Session today. Little Nova (who I have been shooting since she was still in her Momma’s belly!) is now 4 months old. When her Mom arrived at my apartment with the baby in one arm & a HUGE pumpkin slung over her other shoulder, I knew that we were in for a good time. We quickly carved up the pumpkin and headed outside to see how much fun we could have.

… And we soon discovered that we could have a LOT of fun. Adorable, happy baby + big pumpkin= a very successful shoot! I think that these photos say it all::


Benjamin turns 1!

I am so glad that I was able to do this shoot!! Just over a year ago, I met the ‘B’ family when they were expecting their first child. We did a beautiful maternity shoot in their amazing San Francisco home. A month or two later, their baby boy Benjamin entered this world and I returned to do his newborn shoot. Well, since then I have moved back to Vancouver Canada so I wasn’t sure that  I would be able to make back to capture his 1st birthday.

However, in July I had planned a short visit to San Francisco, so I emailed a few previous clients to get in touch. As it turns out, the timing could not have been better for the B Family! Benjamin’s 1st birthday was just around the corner and it was the perfect time for me to come! We immediately planned another session in their home, and it was a wild success. Ben has grown up into such a vivacious, brave & charismatic little man. As always it is a joy to have been able to watch him grow up and capture the priceless memories that he & his family will cherish for many, many year to come.