Marisa & Angelina

When I was 16 years old, my best friend had a baby. A beautiful, smiley, perfect baby girl. My friend went on to blow every known statistic about ‘unwed teenaged mothers’ out of the water. She finished school. She went to college. She travelled the world (WITH her daughter in tow) and generally did an INCREDIBLE job raising her amazing child.

This June that baby girl turned 12 years old. She may no longer be little, but she is just as lovely as ever! I am also just as proud as ever to call her my ‘God Daughter’ and to call her phenomenal Mother ‘My Friend’.


N* Family

First of all, my apologies for my absence the last few months. It’s been a crazy summer! First, a cross-provincial move. Then a wedding (my own, this time!). Then buying a house. And of course, all of the ‘settling in’ that a new town, new home, and new marriage require.  It’s been hectic, and amazing, and everything-I-could-ever-ask-for!

Now that the dust is settling a bit, and life is getting some semblance of ‘normal’ back, I would like to get caught up with my blogging. I have so many great sessions and weddings to share with you from this past summer! Let’s kick it off with the N* Family!

I did this session earlier this summer as part of my ‘Father’s Day Mini Sessions’. Working with the N* Family is always such a treat. First of all, every member of their family is STUNNINGLY gorgeous; with their beautiful curls, wide brown eyes, and flawless skin…! Secondly, they are incredibly gracious & sweet. Mom & Dad are so patient with the children, and the children are delightfully charismatic and fun. I have had the pleasure of working with them several times since their oldest was wee-babe, and it’s always a treat.

The L Family: {Vancouver Family & Teen Photography}

The L* family came to me earlier this year looking for Family Portraits. Their 3 girls were growing up way too fast– The oldest, Jasmine, in her first year at UBC.. and The Twins, Annie & Grace in the middle of 10th grade in highschool. Mom and Dad wanted to get some family photos done before they were all grown up and living away from home. A wise move!

From the moment that their Mom contacted me, I was looking forward to this shoot. It’s not every day that I get to work with ‘kids’ who follow instruction so well! We chose Granville Island as our setting for it’s multitude of backdrops and settings. The girls loved the more urban feel, while Mom & Dad appreciated the more natural (trees, water) elements. It’s not often that you find a location which can please everyone– but Granville Island did the trick, as it so often does.

I loved working with this amazing family. Their smiles and laughter came so easy. They were absolute dreams to work with! When I went back to my office that night to work on their images, I found myself smiling along to their beautiful, contagious grins. By the end of the editing process, my facial muscles ACHED with all the smiling.

… And I loved every minute of it!


Holiday-Mini WINNER!

A big congratulations to JENNIFER NICHOLSON!

You have won my ‘Holiday-Mini Giveaway’ and you will going home with a Free Holiday Mini-Session (including 25 Holiday Cards) AND a $100 print credit to put towards a print order from your Holiday Session!

Jennifer, please email me at CONTACT@TAMARALAKEMAN.COM to book your session!

Jennifer’s most cherished Holiday Memory?

Last year was my baby boys first Christmas. It was unforgetable. It was so wonderful to experience Christmas through my childs eyes. The lights, the music all lit up his little eyes. And when he lay down on my lap and gently closed his eyes and fell asleep in the middle of opening presents, it melted my heart.”

I would like to thank all of the people who shared their wonderful Holiday memories/traditions with me on my facebook wall. It was fabulous reading about the many ways we have all celebrated this wonderful time of year & I was truly touched by all of your fabulous memories. When all is said and done & the years go by, the thing we seem to cherish most about the Holidays is the togetherness.

Thank you for playing! And even if you DIDN’T win, I hope you will consider booking a Holiday-Mini Session of your own this year. Spaces are still available and, like holiday togetherness, a beautiful family photo will be cherished for years to come.

R* Family {Alta Plaza Park Family Photographer}

I have been shooting the R* family since their daughter was just 6 months old. It’s always an honour when a family asks me to come back time and time again to capture all of their biggest milestones… It’s so wonderful to truly get to know my clients and to watch their family (and love!) expand!

The the beauty of ‘Custom’ Photography is that you can really get to know your photographer, and your photographer can really get to know YOU. The kids remember me and greet me with a hug, and the parents feel relaxed & at ease knowing that I am familiar with their little ones and trusting that I’ll capture them wonderfully, as always. I build a bond with my return-clients and that bond is reflected time & time again the quality of images that I am able to get. I’m not just a working professional; I am a family friend….  and that makes all the difference!

I love these folks and am already looking forward to our next session– whenever that may be! ❤


Lori and Brad- {Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver. Maternity Photography}

It’s a small world.

Not too long ago I ran my ‘Very Vancouver Giveaway‘ Contest. A lovely lady by the name of Denise Erdez won. When I drew the winner, I thought to myself, “Erdez… I know that name! But from where…” I immediately emailed Denise to share the good news.. She responded back saying that she’d like to gift the winnings to her gorgeous, pregnant Daughter. Lori.

And then it clicked! Lori! From high school! 10 years ago! (Sorry Lori! I’ve just given away our ages!). Lori is married now and has a new last name, as well as a new husband and an even newer, gorgeous bump. But as soon as I realized that I’d get to shoot my old high-school friend, I was beyond thrilled.

Isn’t life funny like that? Everything has a way of coming back around.

For Brad and Lori’s session, we explored beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park. Brad kept us laughing the entire time with his hilarious posing suggestions & one-liners. He had some great ideas too– like blowing dandelion seeds in the one shot where Lori is laying on her back in the grass and looking up at the camera! I can’t take credit for that; it was all Brad! We joked that Brad must have stayed up the night before researching Maternity Photography because he was just that good.

I loved every minute of this session, and I love every resulting image. Such a beautiful couple!! And the best part? The baby will arrive in just a few short weeks! Perhaps there is a newborn session on the horizon?


The M* Family. Deep Cove Family Portraiture.

I was so excited when Ella contacted me about shooting her wonderful family in Deep Cove, North Vancouver. It one of my very favourite places in the Vancouver area! It has a very quaint, ‘small town’, sea-side village vibe… all while being just 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. No summer is complete without a day spent in Deep Cove!

We met “at the icecream parlour in town” (love that!) and went off to explore the park from there. Their boys, 7 & 5 years, were so wonderful to work with and so cooperative! Quick to give genuine smiles, and happy to follow my loose posing direction. I heard Ella remark several times, “Why don’t you pose like this for Mommy?!” which made me laugh!

There were a few aspects of this shoot that made it extra special::

1- It took place on Ella & Scott’s 11th wedding anniversary! HUGE congratulations to them!

2- Ella’s Parents were in town from England during the session, and it was so awesome to include them in the session. It’s not often that I get to shoot an ‘extended’ family like this…Though, I have to say; While grandma & grandpa may LIVE far away, I didn’t get the feeling that there was anything ‘extended’ about their incredible relationship with their darling grandsons!

Thanks for an awesome afternoon, M* Family! I hope to see you guys around the Holidays for some fun Holiday Portraits! xoxo