The M* Family {Burnaby Family Portrait Photographer}

I first met the M* Family just over a year ago when their sweet little girl was born & we did a newborn session in their lovely Burnaby home. So it was with great pleasure that I found myself there again, 18 months later, this time getting to shoot in their absolutely amazing backyard. (I use the word ‘backyard’ loosely. It would probably be better described as a secret garden or, better yet; an idyllic oasis.)

Their sweet little girl has grown up to be a just-as-sweet spit-fire of a toddler. Clever, crafty, quick to laugh and extremely jovial…. We had such fun together!

Here’s hoping that I get to see them again in a year or two!


G* Family {Castlegar Family Photographer}

I can’t believe how far behind I am with my blogging. Terrible, terrible! This summer has been all about transitions for my husband and I… Our first summer in our new home here in The Kootenays. Our first summer as husband and wife. Our first summer driving to and from Vancouver for work and family. Our first summer.

And just like that, our first summer flew by, and now we are staring autumn squarely in the face. Incredible how that happens.

In June, when summer was still young, I had the pleasure of working with the fabulous (and beautiful!) G* Family. We went back and forth with location ideas, before finally just settling on a simple field behind a local elementary school. The results? Fantastic. Simple, timeless, & warm. This was a busy session with 3 active kids. It was full of running, and laughing, and fun– just how I like it!


Kaylin [Granville Island Portrait Photography]

It’s hard to believe that last month, my adorable niece started HIGHSCHOOL. Kaylin’s fabulous sense of humour, warmth, friendliness and sharp mind never cease to make me proud. Truly, at 13 years old, she is more beautiful than ever (both inside & out).

As anyone who has had the privilege of watching a young person grow up will say, it’s all happened much too quickly. Before your eyes they morph into these incredibly grown up looking human beings, and you’re left wondering both how old that it makes YOU, and where you were when it all happened because it seemed like just yesterday that they were small.

Just yesterday when they needed help cutting up their pancakes. Needed help finding the television channel with ‘Dora the Explorer’. Needed help brushing their teeth and tying their shoes. And today they are walking into a highschool– independent and confident– like they belong there and it’s the most natural thing in the world. Today they’re showing off their bellybuttons in Photoshoots with their aunts, and ROCKING it in a way that you never imagined they could.

These kids, man… They sure do grow up.

Marisa & Angelina

When I was 16 years old, my best friend had a baby. A beautiful, smiley, perfect baby girl. My friend went on to blow every known statistic about ‘unwed teenaged mothers’ out of the water. She finished school. She went to college. She travelled the world (WITH her daughter in tow) and generally did an INCREDIBLE job raising her amazing child.

This June that baby girl turned 12 years old. She may no longer be little, but she is just as lovely as ever! I am also just as proud as ever to call her my ‘God Daughter’ and to call her phenomenal Mother ‘My Friend’.

N* Family

First of all, my apologies for my absence the last few months. It’s been a crazy summer! First, a cross-provincial move. Then a wedding (my own, this time!). Then buying a house. And of course, all of the ‘settling in’ that a new town, new home, and new marriage require.  It’s been hectic, and amazing, and everything-I-could-ever-ask-for!

Now that the dust is settling a bit, and life is getting some semblance of ‘normal’ back, I would like to get caught up with my blogging. I have so many great sessions and weddings to share with you from this past summer! Let’s kick it off with the N* Family!

I did this session earlier this summer as part of my ‘Father’s Day Mini Sessions’. Working with the N* Family is always such a treat. First of all, every member of their family is STUNNINGLY gorgeous; with their beautiful curls, wide brown eyes, and flawless skin…! Secondly, they are incredibly gracious & sweet. Mom & Dad are so patient with the children, and the children are delightfully charismatic and fun. I have had the pleasure of working with them several times since their oldest was wee-babe, and it’s always a treat.

jack and kate. 4 years later.

4 years ago I photographed Jack & Kate.

At aged 1 & 4, they were strikingly beautiful children. I remember Jack being an absolute dream to work with. Even though he was only 4 years old he was a complete natural in front of the camera; letting me pose him, while making it all look so moody, natural, and genuine. To this day I have never worked with a 4 year old as incredible as he was. Every photographer dreams of shooting a child that gorgeous, and that effortless in front of the lens.

Fast Forward 4 years and I found myself shooting these two incredible kiddos yet again.

Guess what? Jack was just as amazing to work with. And know what else? That busy, crazy, beautiful little girl Kate grew up to a busy, crazy BEAUTIFUL big girl… And she rocked my camera just as hard at her older brother did 4 years before.

God. I love these kids. Check out these rad ‘Then & Now’ shots.

R* Family {Alta Plaza Park Family Photographer}

I have been shooting the R* family since their daughter was just 6 months old. It’s always an honour when a family asks me to come back time and time again to capture all of their biggest milestones… It’s so wonderful to truly get to know my clients and to watch their family (and love!) expand!

The the beauty of ‘Custom’ Photography is that you can really get to know your photographer, and your photographer can really get to know YOU. The kids remember me and greet me with a hug, and the parents feel relaxed & at ease knowing that I am familiar with their little ones and trusting that I’ll capture them wonderfully, as always. I build a bond with my return-clients and that bond is reflected time & time again the quality of images that I am able to get. I’m not just a working professional; I am a family friend….  and that makes all the difference!

I love these folks and am already looking forward to our next session– whenever that may be! ❤