Sweet Little Lana

Carolyn and Ross are long time clients of mine. I had the honour and privilege of shooting their STUNNING Hycroft Manor Wedding back in the summer of 2013. It was a perfect day, at the perfect venue, with the perfect couple. Then, in September 2014, just over 1 year later, I met with them again. This time to photograph Carolyn’s growing bump… and again everything was perfect. (Almost ridiculously so! I’d hate these two for being so damn perfect if they weren’t so fun, and down to earth, and genuine!)

One thing you should know about Carolyn and Ross is that they are straight-shooters. Despite their hollywood good looks and their fancy wedding- They don’t like frills. They don’t like gimmicks. They don’t do ‘cutesy’ or ‘posey’ or ‘gaze at each other lovingly while thinking about buttercups and faery-dust‘. From the very first day that I sat down with them over a beer to chat about their upcoming nuptials, they have been VERY clear about what they don’t want in their photos– cheese.

I have to admit, when they approached me about maternity photos this past fall, I was a bit surprised. Maternity photos? For Carolyn and Ross? Surely that’s too “cheesy”?! They were quick to add that they would never have approached ANYONE but me for the task, because they knew that I ‘got it’ and would keep the session down to earth and true to them. It was flattering to be trusted so implicitly. It is refreshing to work with clients who understand & appreciate my style so well… and vice-versa.

So, now here they are. Welcoming their newest addition a (…you guessed it) absolutely perfect little girl. Lana. She’s full of life, vivacious, & endlessly charming…. not unlike her wonderful Momma.

Welcome, sweet Lana. I can’t wait to watch you grow.


Kaylin [Granville Island Portrait Photography]

It’s hard to believe that last month, my adorable niece started HIGHSCHOOL. Kaylin’s fabulous sense of humour, warmth, friendliness and sharp mind never cease to make me proud. Truly, at 13 years old, she is more beautiful than ever (both inside & out).

As anyone who has had the privilege of watching a young person grow up will say, it’s all happened much too quickly. Before your eyes they morph into these incredibly grown up looking human beings, and you’re left wondering both how old that it makes YOU, and where you were when it all happened because it seemed like just yesterday that they were small.

Just yesterday when they needed help cutting up their pancakes. Needed help finding the television channel with ‘Dora the Explorer’. Needed help brushing their teeth and tying their shoes. And today they are walking into a highschool– independent and confident– like they belong there and it’s the most natural thing in the world. Today they’re showing off their bellybuttons in Photoshoots with their aunts, and ROCKING it in a way that you never imagined they could.

These kids, man… They sure do grow up.

Sunday Mornings.

I had to reschedule a photo shoot yesterday morning due to rain. It was POURING. Pouring as if it knew that I had a Maternity Session scheduled and it just wanted to spite me. I hate postponing for rain, but I hate miserable, uncomfortable, cold, wet mothers-to-be even more. So I rescheduled.

I love this city, and I love what all the rain brings us (trees, lush green grass, a moderate climate) but I have to admit– sometimes I kind of hate all this damn percipitation. I hate the rain so much sometimes that I get to thinking (perhaps unfairly) that I hate Vancouver itself. And I daydream about leaving this place, with a ‘middle finger’ planted firmly on my left hand as I get the hell out of town. Headed for somewhere else. Anywhere else where the sun is shining.

But then the next day the sun comes out, and the sky is the most radiant blue you’ve ever seen. You throw open your french patio doors, and stand there for far too long, your favorite mug of hot coffee in hand. You breathe in that fresh, early spring air, and you think to yourself, “It was worth it.”

Quality over Quantity

One of the questions that photographers are asked most often is “How many photos will I get?”.  The general consensus amoungst prospective clients (and who can blame them?) is that ‘more’ is always better. However, this is truly not the case with photography.

There are photographers out there who focus simply on getting ‘LOTS’; They do not worry so much about the quality of image caught, they simply shoot, shoot, shoot with the knowledge that somewhere in there, by luck more than anything, there will be a handful of decent images. Personally, I do not adhere this school of thought. I would rather deliver 10 *amazing*, jaw dropping, stunning photos to a client, than 50 mediocre ones. Honestly, I would caution you all against any photographer who has a different point of view. After all, if you gave a two-year old a camera for a day, I am willing to bet that at least *one* of the thousands of photos she took would be inspiring.

I just read this quote by another photographer. I think they hit the nail on the head. When asked “How many photos will I get?” they responded,

‘Anywhere between 24 and 24,000… No, really- It’s about 200-400 images. But let me ask you this — If your favourite movie were 6 hours longer, would it be any better? If your favourite song was 400 notes longer, would it make it a better song?’

It’s quality over quantity.

Free Enlargement!

Hey folks!

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Edward & Laura {Main Street Heritage Hall Wedding}

Working with Edward and Laura was such a sweet experience. With Edward’s family in Brunei (a country which I wouldn’t have been able to point out on a map prior to meeting this fabulous couple) and Laura’s family in China, Edward and Laura don’t have a lot of immediate family here in Vancouver…. But what struck me immediately about their wedding was how tight knit & loving their church family was. There was about 150 people in attendance at their wedding, but every single person felt like a close, loving family member. It was really amazing and a testament to what great people this couple must be to have so many people that love them dearly.

There Ceremony was held at their Church with a Reception following at the Main Street Heritage Hall in Vancouver, BC. Working with Frank & Jen of VanWeddings Cinematography was the icing on the cake.