Sweet Little Lana

Carolyn and Ross are long time clients of mine. I had the honour and privilege of shooting their STUNNING Hycroft Manor Wedding back in the summer of 2013. It was a perfect day, at the perfect venue, with the perfect couple. Then, in September 2014, just over 1 year later, I met with them again. This time to photograph Carolyn’s growing bump… and again everything was perfect. (Almost ridiculously so! I’d hate these two for being so damn perfect if they weren’t so fun, and down to earth, and genuine!)

One thing you should know about Carolyn and Ross is that they are straight-shooters. Despite their hollywood good looks and their fancy wedding- They don’t like frills. They don’t like gimmicks. They don’t do ‘cutesy’ or ‘posey’ or ‘gaze at each other lovingly while thinking about buttercups and faery-dust‘. From the very first day that I sat down with them over a beer to chat about their upcoming nuptials, they have been VERY clear about what they don’t want in their photos– cheese.

I have to admit, when they approached me about maternity photos this past fall, I was a bit surprised. Maternity photos? For Carolyn and Ross? Surely that’s too “cheesy”?! They were quick to add that they would never have approached ANYONE but me for the task, because they knew that I ‘got it’ and would keep the session down to earth and true to them. It was flattering to be trusted so implicitly. It is refreshing to work with clients who understand & appreciate my style so well… and vice-versa.

So, now here they are. Welcoming their newest addition a (…you guessed it) absolutely perfect little girl. Lana. She’s full of life, vivacious, & endlessly charming…. not unlike her wonderful Momma.

Welcome, sweet Lana. I can’t wait to watch you grow.


Kaylin [Granville Island Portrait Photography]

It’s hard to believe that last month, my adorable niece started HIGHSCHOOL. Kaylin’s fabulous sense of humour, warmth, friendliness and sharp mind never cease to make me proud. Truly, at 13 years old, she is more beautiful than ever (both inside & out).

As anyone who has had the privilege of watching a young person grow up will say, it’s all happened much too quickly. Before your eyes they morph into these incredibly grown up looking human beings, and you’re left wondering both how old that it makes YOU, and where you were when it all happened because it seemed like just yesterday that they were small.

Just yesterday when they needed help cutting up their pancakes. Needed help finding the television channel with ‘Dora the Explorer’. Needed help brushing their teeth and tying their shoes. And today they are walking into a highschool– independent and confident– like they belong there and it’s the most natural thing in the world. Today they’re showing off their bellybuttons in Photoshoots with their aunts, and ROCKING it in a way that you never imagined they could.

These kids, man… They sure do grow up.

Jon and Michelle. [Vancouver Proposal Photographer]

Jon emailed me about a month before his session from San Francisco, where he lives. He wanted to know if I would be interested in working with him to capture his WEDDING PROPOSAL on camera. It took me all of 2 seconds to say, “Oh, heck yes!”

He explained that he and his girlfriend were about to go on an Alaskan Cruise which would have it’s final port of call in my lovely Vancouver.  He had never been to Vancouver, but thought that it would be a beautiful city to Pop The Question in. His further research concluded that Queen Elizabeth Park, more specifically, would make the perfect backdrop for this once-in-a-life-time moment.

In the following weeks, Jon and I secretly corresponded by email, text and phone call to plan the big moment. Because Jon lived in San Francisco, I did not have the opportunity to meet him before the big day, so all communication had to be done in secret. This gave planning a whole new layer of complexity! As a woman myself, I know how persceptive we ladies can be, and I knew that one false move by Jon or myself could raise red flags, and Michelle could be onto us in a heartbeat! I absolutely didn’t want to tip her off, or (worse!) I did I want her to think that sweet Jon was ‘sneaking around behind her back’. YIKES! We had to be careful!

Having never been to Queen Elizabeth Park himself, Jon asked me if there were any specific locations within the park that I might recommend for the act to go down in. I immediately thought about the Waterfall. It was in a secluded corner, so they’d have privacy… Plus, it was surrounded on several sides by bushes, so I would have plenty of hiding spots. In lieu of meeting in person, Jon sent me photos of himself & his lovely Michelle… and even a text message on the morning of the Proposal to inform me of what this mystery couple would be wearing… so hopefully I could recognize the couple when I saw them.

Essentially, this was the plan: I would need to be ready and waiting at the Waterfall in Queen Elizabeth Park at 10:30am. Jon & Michelle would arrive shortly after. They had NEVER been to this park before, and fingers were crossed that they’d find this one, specific location without any trouble… and without cluing Michelle into what was going on. When they got to the pre-determinded location, at the pre-determinded time… I would be lurking in the bushes, ready & waiting with my camera. After I captured that magical moment, we’d slip off and do an impromptu ‘Engagement’ Session around the park.

Easy enough, right? As long as all parties followed these instructions to a T– it would be no problem. If they got there too early.. Or if Michelle suddenly decided that she didn’t want to goto Queen Elizabeth Park at all.. or if there were randomly hordes or tourists in our spot… the whole thing could flop.


Suffice it to say: It didn’t.

In fact, it was a resounded, incredible, magical success.

Oh, and she said YES.

N* Family

First of all, my apologies for my absence the last few months. It’s been a crazy summer! First, a cross-provincial move. Then a wedding (my own, this time!). Then buying a house. And of course, all of the ‘settling in’ that a new town, new home, and new marriage require.  It’s been hectic, and amazing, and everything-I-could-ever-ask-for!

Now that the dust is settling a bit, and life is getting some semblance of ‘normal’ back, I would like to get caught up with my blogging. I have so many great sessions and weddings to share with you from this past summer! Let’s kick it off with the N* Family!

I did this session earlier this summer as part of my ‘Father’s Day Mini Sessions’. Working with the N* Family is always such a treat. First of all, every member of their family is STUNNINGLY gorgeous; with their beautiful curls, wide brown eyes, and flawless skin…! Secondly, they are incredibly gracious & sweet. Mom & Dad are so patient with the children, and the children are delightfully charismatic and fun. I have had the pleasure of working with them several times since their oldest was wee-babe, and it’s always a treat.

The L Family: {Vancouver Family & Teen Photography}

The L* family came to me earlier this year looking for Family Portraits. Their 3 girls were growing up way too fast– The oldest, Jasmine, in her first year at UBC.. and The Twins, Annie & Grace in the middle of 10th grade in highschool. Mom and Dad wanted to get some family photos done before they were all grown up and living away from home. A wise move!

From the moment that their Mom contacted me, I was looking forward to this shoot. It’s not every day that I get to work with ‘kids’ who follow instruction so well! We chose Granville Island as our setting for it’s multitude of backdrops and settings. The girls loved the more urban feel, while Mom & Dad appreciated the more natural (trees, water) elements. It’s not often that you find a location which can please everyone– but Granville Island did the trick, as it so often does.

I loved working with this amazing family. Their smiles and laughter came so easy. They were absolute dreams to work with! When I went back to my office that night to work on their images, I found myself smiling along to their beautiful, contagious grins. By the end of the editing process, my facial muscles ACHED with all the smiling.

… And I loved every minute of it!


R* Family {Alta Plaza Park Family Photographer}

I have been shooting the R* family since their daughter was just 6 months old. It’s always an honour when a family asks me to come back time and time again to capture all of their biggest milestones… It’s so wonderful to truly get to know my clients and to watch their family (and love!) expand!

The the beauty of ‘Custom’ Photography is that you can really get to know your photographer, and your photographer can really get to know YOU. The kids remember me and greet me with a hug, and the parents feel relaxed & at ease knowing that I am familiar with their little ones and trusting that I’ll capture them wonderfully, as always. I build a bond with my return-clients and that bond is reflected time & time again the quality of images that I am able to get. I’m not just a working professional; I am a family friend….  and that makes all the difference!

I love these folks and am already looking forward to our next session– whenever that may be! ❤