The G Family

I was in Vancouver recently for a week, and had the pleasure of catching up with one of my favourite little families while there.

I met Becca & Alex back in 2012 when we got together at Fraser River Park to shoot their Engagement. We had a great time wandering the park and getting to know each other. In the fall of 2012, I met with them again to shoot their beautiful wedding at Burnaby Village Museum. A year after THAT I returned to their home to welcome (and photograph, obviously) their new baby boy, Eli.

(I am realizing with horror right now that I never did blog that session! Shame on me!)

While I was in Vancouver this most recent visit I was able to meet with them AGAIN. This time to mark their son’s 1st birthday. One year of life for Eli. One year of parenthood for Becca & Alex. Everyone survived! Here is to many more happy years, and hopefully many more photoshoots to mark the occasions.

Love. Marriage. Baby Carriage —-> I get to be there for it all. I have the best job.


Welcome Eli! {Castlegar Kootenays Newborn Photographer}

Welcoming a new baby, whether it’s #1 or #4 is always special… But there is really something extra special about getting to see older siblings welcome a new baby into their clan. The G* Family had me over to mark the occasion of baby Elliott’s grand arrival when he was just 7 days-new, and I could not be happier for them.

Elliott will grow up with two fabulous older brothers, and one doting older sister to turn to for advice, help, encouragement and fun! Not to mention, two thrilled (but, perhaps, slightly overwhelmed at the moment!) parents.  What a lucky little guy, and what a wonderful family!

Congratulations G* Family, and Welcome Little Eli!

The L Family: {Vancouver Family & Teen Photography}

The L* family came to me earlier this year looking for Family Portraits. Their 3 girls were growing up way too fast– The oldest, Jasmine, in her first year at UBC.. and The Twins, Annie & Grace in the middle of 10th grade in highschool. Mom and Dad wanted to get some family photos done before they were all grown up and living away from home. A wise move!

From the moment that their Mom contacted me, I was looking forward to this shoot. It’s not every day that I get to work with ‘kids’ who follow instruction so well! We chose Granville Island as our setting for it’s multitude of backdrops and settings. The girls loved the more urban feel, while Mom & Dad appreciated the more natural (trees, water) elements. It’s not often that you find a location which can please everyone– but Granville Island did the trick, as it so often does.

I loved working with this amazing family. Their smiles and laughter came so easy. They were absolute dreams to work with! When I went back to my office that night to work on their images, I found myself smiling along to their beautiful, contagious grins. By the end of the editing process, my facial muscles ACHED with all the smiling.

… And I loved every minute of it!


The D Family- Charleson Park, Vancouver.

The ‘D’ family was the runner up in my Photo Shoot Giveaway Contest in March. Their ADORABLE, identical twin boys stole the hearts of voters… And it’s no wonder! Carter & Daniel are absolutely adorable.

We spent a fabulous hour together at Charleson Park– exploring, playing, running & laughing. I mostly hung back and let this little family do their own thing, while snapping ‘candidly’ on the sidelines. The results, I think, is a really ‘natural’ & alive looking session. Enjoy!

The R* Family

One of my very favourite things to do is to shoot a family in their own home. Some of my favourite images have come from these ‘in-home’ lifestyle sessions. Children & Infants especially, benefit from the familiar sights, sounds & comforts of home.

I think that we photographers are occasionally guilty of forgetting how it feels to be on the other side of this camera gear. As much as we try to make our clients feel comfortable and at ease, there is always a little bit of pressure and anxiety to look/behave your best. Children are very sensitive to this pressure and I believe that this is the #1 reason why they have melt downs and tantrums during shoots. The pressure can be just too much. This is all the more reason to keep their environments as familiar & natural as possible, to keep smiles on your faces, and to go out of your way to keep things fun & relaxed.

I shot this session at the R* Family’s home in Burnaby, BC. It was an absolutely beautiful spring day! We began the shoot in their home, and then moved outside for the last half of it giving their daughter, Stella, a chance to blow off some steam. The R* family welcomed their newest addition, baby Angus, last month and this shoot was the first time he’d had his photo professionally taken. He was a complete natural!


‘B’ Family

The ‘B’ family came up all the way from San Jose to meet me in Golden Gate Park for their Holiday/Family session. I had the pleasure of working with this family once before– doing infant portraits for their youngest child, baby Grace. It was so great though to see them again and to get to shoot the entire gang!

When working with kids you never quite know what you are going to get. Some children are very shy with the camera, some are very outgoing, some are keen to smile and follow my (loose) direction, other’s have their own agenda and you have to be prepared to work on their schedule… The B Family’s children were a fabulous mix of both! The boys were happy to run and explore, but humoured us for a minute here and there when we set up shots. It was absolutely the perfect session!

I am already counting down the days to when I will have an excuse to shoot them again! Grace’s 1st birthday, perhaps?