Steve and Kumiko {Granville Island Engagement}

Steve and Kumiko reached out to me early in 2015 about shooting their September wedding, which would be taking place in Vancouver, BC.  I am from Vancouver, and I started my business in Vancouver, but I no longer live there. However, that doesn’t stop me from seizing every opportunity I can to go back and work/see friends and family/eat sushi! So obviously, I eagerly agreed to be their photographer.

The thing was, Steve & Kumiko didn’t live in Vancouver either. In fact, they had NEVER lived in Vancouver! And none of their family lived there either. They had simply visited the city once, years before, and had enjoyed it so much that they figured it would be a great place to get hitched. Planning a wedding from afar is never easy, but it’s particularly not easy when you have almost zero ties to the location at all! These are some ambitious folks!

With neither of us living in Vancouver itself, I was not able to meet with Steve and Kumiko in person until we were both in the city for their big day. Fortunately, Steve & Kumiko agreed that working together once before their wedding celebration was super important. So even though we were pressed for time, we managed to squeezed in a very last minute engagement session the day before the wedding. Thus proving that it’s never too late for an engagement session!

Despite a forecast for rain, weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had such a wonderful time. Getting to spend that hour with them before the excitement of the following day was so beneficial. We built up a really good report, which made everyone’s lives (and the photos!) easier on the wedding day itself. Plus, they got to take home some pretty rad images (if I do say so myself).


The L Family: {Vancouver Family & Teen Photography}

The L* family came to me earlier this year looking for Family Portraits. Their 3 girls were growing up way too fast– The oldest, Jasmine, in her first year at UBC.. and The Twins, Annie & Grace in the middle of 10th grade in highschool. Mom and Dad wanted to get some family photos done before they were all grown up and living away from home. A wise move!

From the moment that their Mom contacted me, I was looking forward to this shoot. It’s not every day that I get to work with ‘kids’ who follow instruction so well! We chose Granville Island as our setting for it’s multitude of backdrops and settings. The girls loved the more urban feel, while Mom & Dad appreciated the more natural (trees, water) elements. It’s not often that you find a location which can please everyone– but Granville Island did the trick, as it so often does.

I loved working with this amazing family. Their smiles and laughter came so easy. They were absolute dreams to work with! When I went back to my office that night to work on their images, I found myself smiling along to their beautiful, contagious grins. By the end of the editing process, my facial muscles ACHED with all the smiling.

… And I loved every minute of it!


Sarah, Paul and baby- Granville Island Maternity Photography

I have been a bit behind with my blogging, and for that I apologize! June has been a very busy month! Today I want to share with you a Maternity Session that I did in late-May with my wonderful, dear friends Sarah & Paul. You may remember these two from their Wedding last year… Well, they are back.. and this time they have a new family member in tow (still in Sarah’s beautiful belly, that is!).

Sarah and Paul were kind enough to drive all the way up to Vancouver for their maternity session, and weren’t even put out when it POURED RAIN during their entire shoot. These two really are so laid back and easy-going! Their naturally relaxed, patient, happy personalities will come in very handy once their sweet babe arrives in July.

Ashley & Arthur

Digging into the vault a bit here to share with you some photos from Ashley & Arthur’s wonderful engagement shoot this past summer. These photos are new to my blog, and they are too sweet of a couple not to share them.

I’ll be shooting Ashley & Arthur’s wedding next September in British Columbia’s Okanagan Region– and I couldn’t be more excited! It will be an entire weekend of activities and fun in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. Here are some of my favorite shots from their engagement session this past summer in Vancouver.