jack and kate. 4 years later.

4 years ago I photographed Jack & Kate.

At aged 1 & 4, they were strikingly beautiful children. I remember Jack being an absolute dream to work with. Even though he was only 4 years old he was a complete natural in front of the camera; letting me pose him, while making it all look so moody, natural, and genuine. To this day I have never worked with a 4 year old as incredible as he was. Every photographer dreams of shooting a child that gorgeous, and that effortless in front of the lens.

Fast Forward 4 years and I found myself shooting these two incredible kiddos yet again.

Guess what? Jack was just as amazing to work with. And know what else? That busy, crazy, beautiful little girl Kate grew up to a busy, crazy BEAUTIFUL big girl… And she rocked my camera just as hard at her older brother did 4 years before.

God. I love these kids. Check out these rad ‘Then & Now’ shots.