Quality Photography is an investment of the truest form. The idea is that your images will only become more valuable over time… More valuable as those sweet little babies grow up and leave the house. More valuable as your 10th wedding anniversary approaches but looking at your Wedding Photos still brings tears to your eyes. More valuable as your beloved family member has passed on, but you still have that photo that captured the way their eyes twinkled just perfectly.

As a ‘Lifestyle Photographer’ my portrait sessions are relaxed and a ton of fun. You and your loved ones will be encouraged to interact and engage naturally, in an environment that feels comfortable and familiar to you, such as your home, a park, playground or beach. I will offer direction when I see that anyone is feeling lost or uncomfortable, but together we’ll avoid awkward & uncomfortably stiff posing. Just relax, be silly, laugh and let loose- I’ll be there with my camera to capture the moment.

The Kootenays. Vancouver. Okanagan.  And beyond!

Portrait Sessions —  $225 – $450

Weddings: — Average $1500-$2500

Please see my WEBSITE for more complete pricing information.



One thought on “Investment

  1. I love your photo of the little 8 month old. I also love your vision and what you say in your Gear and Philosophy. I too believe in natural lighting with as little post production as possible. You capture a moment in time with such beauty. Congrats. I also like to capture natural moments with my subjects. Doesn’t make for such a fantastic photo op?? Great “Kodak Moments” are had when the subject is at ease.
    Love your photos!

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